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The design of an effective beer program requires a foundational understanding of beer and how it is made. This course will immerse you in the making of beer, from the mixing of raw ingredients to packaging and storage. Along the way you will virtually visit breweries both large and small to experience the brewing process, as well as compare beer consumption from cans versus bottles. These activities will culminate with a multi-sensory product evaluation.
Today there are well over a hundred recognized styles of beer. While it may not be feasible to study each individual style, after completing this course, you will know the main groupings of beer and what differentiates them. An examination of beer styles includes an understanding of judging guidelines and knowledge of all beer making methods, including those outside of a traditional brewery. Most importantly, you will gain the ability to perform a proper sensory evaluation of beer, including documenting your findings.
A successful beer program includes elements that can be easily overlooked but might also be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful program. Properly planning a draft beer system is essential, but equally important is understanding your market and clientele. Then, selecting the right beer styles calls for the ability to build strong relationships with breweries and distributors. You will leave this course with the skills and tools necessary to create a successful beer program that fits your concept and is well-received by customers.
In any industry, even the most innovative product cannot sell itself. Training and education is essential to positively impact sales. This course will give you the tools needed to train your staff on your beer program, so they can educate your customers. This includes educating non-beer drinkers that there is a beer for everyone and pairing beer with food for even greater guest experience.

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