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In this 4.5-hour online course we comprehensively cover intraoral radiography in the dog. Our primary objective is to provide the learner with the skills and knowledge to obtain diagnostic images and to be able to interpret them efficiently and accurately in the clinical setting. We will cover the equipment required to take intraoral radiographs, review the normal radiographic anatomy, provide detailed explanations on how to obtain each projection, and how to correct common mistakes. The lessons will ultimately help the participant to systematically interpret pathological processes using real clinical cases. This course is composed of eight lessons covering understanding the benefits of intraoral radiology, radiographic equipment, normal radiographic anatomy refresher, principles of intraoral radiology, obtaining intraoral radiographs: step by step, troubleshooting common mistakes, orienting intraoral radiographs – labial mounting, and interpreting intraoral radiographs.

In this 3.5-hour online course we cover the first step in assessing a patient for oral disease, performing a thorough oral examination including a review of the anatomy and some of the more common disease processes. You'll see up close 4K videos of conscious oral exams performed on both a dog and a cat, learn from detailed animations, and explore 3-D models that can be manipulated to visualize anatomy and abnormalities. We also present high-quality clinical photos and detailed anatomical illustrations as we look in depth at the conscious oral exam.

The conscious oral examination is typically performed as part of the general physical examination. Assuming the patient is cooperative, an oral examination is always indicated regardless of whether the patient is presented specifically for an oral complaint or for an unrelated reason. Numerous oral and dental diseases are subtle in nature, and it is not until you identify and treat them that patients show obvious improvement in appetite or behavior.

Despite being a relatively small area, the oral cavity has complex anatomy and is affected by numerous disease processes. This comprehensive course will help guide you through a systematic method of examining the relevant structures. It is intended as a review of common oral and dental diseases and the clinically important anatomy which they affect.

Dentistry is a fast-growing field in veterinary care. Many health providers are interested in improving their knowledge and practical skills in this area. In this 90-minute online course, we teach how to perform a systematic oral examination under general anesthesia and record clinical findings. Using up-close 4K videos, detailed animations, 3D models, and high-quality clinical photos, participants will learn the importance of patient positioning and clinician ergonomics, understand the tools needed and how to use them, review oral and dental nomenclature, become familiar with dental charting, and appreciate the need for a systematic and repeatable approach to oral examination. This course is designed for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students who want to cultivate their knowledge of the complex anatomy and disease processes of the oral cavity.

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