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Two of the hardest and most stressful events of a person's life can be starting a new career, and starting a business. For many aspiring mediators, including those of you interested in mediation, arbitration, and facilitation, these events will go hand in hand. Whether you've just graduated and are looking to enter the field, or you're a seasoned professional ready for a change, you'll need a solid plan for your path into this new career. This course was designed for you by Dick Fincher. Dick is a Cornell alumni, lawyer, neutral and managing partner of Workplace Resolution LLC. In the course, he shares his deep knowledge and experience in neutral work, and creating a successful business. As he shares his experience, he challenges you to leverage his advice into creating your own successful business. During this course you'll complete a project that includes the key components of a business plan, you'll then receive feedback on that project from a successful neutral already working. This work will set you up to successfully take next steps in your career that are appropriate to your unique interests and situation.

Strong ethical awareness is an essential competency for mediators and arbitrators. Alternative Dispute Resolution is no longer a risk-free environment for mediators and other neutrals. As codes of conduct and grievance processes proliferate and second-guessing and litigation increase, you must become better aware of the variety of ethical dilemmas you will face.

Ethics in Mediation and Arbitration improves your ethical awareness and develops your competency for addressing sticky ethical situations. In this course you'll gain the clarity about the ethics of neutral roles and practice techniques to apply in practice. Sarah Miller Espinosa, a skilled neutral and expert in ethics, will guide you as you explore complex and real situations and cases that present ethical challenges. This work will prepare you to act ethically in your work as a neutral.

This intensive training program equips participants with knowledge and skills essential for successful employment mediation. A comprehensive blend of substantive law and training in mediation process skills prepares participants to become qualified mediators for employment disputes.

By the program's completion, you will be well prepared to become a qualified employment law mediator. The Employment Law Mediator Training program focuses first on employment law that is applicable to employment mediation, then on in-depth role-playing to help you learn and practice the skills to facilitate the process. Instruction is now available online for the one-month asynchronous knowledge building, followed by the synchronous five-day online training.

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