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Interested in expanding your knowledge of wines? Whether you're an industry professional or simply a wine enthusiast, this hands-on course takes you on a journey through the winemaking process, from grape to glass. Learning from world-renowned industry experts from Cornell, you will learn to successfully identify the components of wine and how they affect perceptions before exploring your personal palate and conducting sensory evaluation, using sight, smell, taste, and touch. You will explore various wine growing techniques and analyze how geography and climate impact the grape. Finally, you will identify the correct service and storage approaches to use based on the type and style of wine.

This program is intended for use by persons of legal drinking ages under the relevant applicable laws where they reside. Students will need to purchase wine, sugar, and other items commonly found in grocery stores to participate in tasting exercises.

This course will break down the four biggest growing and producing regions in the United States: California, Washington, Oregon, and New York. Each state has its own unique history, landscape and laws. You will explore the history of each region, as well as analyze the unique geographic features of each state and how they impact the wine. You will also read and interpret wine labels to better select wines from each region.

The following course is required to be completed before taking this course:

  • Wine Essentials

In this course, your United States wine journey will culminate with a wine tasting experience. You will select and compare wines from different areas of the United States, while exploring how the wine market is set up and how to choose the right foods for your wines. Then you will prepare for a casual, at-home wine tasting, analyzing how different people interpret different wines, how wines differ from each other, and comparing your expectations vs perceptions.

The following courses are required to be completed before taking this course:

  • Wine Essentials
  • Foundations of California, the Pacific Northwest, and New York Wines

Important: Alternatives can be made for those who do not drink alcohol, who are in areas where alcohol purchases or consumption are not allowed, or who are in circumstances where in-person gatherings are either not allowed or not recommended.

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