This course presents a selection of public health basics as a framework for COVID-19 pandemic response and prevention. You will explore the goals of public health efforts and how public health happens in the community. Using this framework, you will contextualize and define the conditions for COVID-19 transmission and prevention. Furthering the scope of prevention, you will gain insights into community vaccination efforts with facts and lessons learned from other campaigns. Finally, you will develop basic strategies to combat misinformation and encourage healthy outcomes.

Understanding the history and role of public health and community health is an essential step to becoming an effective public health leader. In this course, you will explore the role of public health in people's daily lives. You'll examine several lenses or models through which to regard public health and potential interventions. Using those models, you will investigate the values that drive public health interventions and make connections between these values and how interventions are targeted and implemented in order to achieve health equity.

It is recommended to only take this course if you have completed “Public Health and COVID-19” or have equivalent experience.

Data to inform public health practices and interventions are all around us. In this course, you will gain skills to approach public health data thoughtfully, draw reasoned inferences from it, and recommend data-based actions with confidence. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to obtain and interpret public health data in order to assess the assets and health disparities of a specific community. You will identify factors in the community that can contribute to public health, including community resources, and connect those factors to the organizations and services that can help address them. With this knowledge, you will offer recommendations based on a profile you will develop of the community in which you live or work.

It is recommended to only take this course if you have completed “Public Health and COVID-19” and “Public Health Foundations” or have equivalent experience.

Public health relies on the engagement and trust of the community being served. Managing public health interventions while building genuine community relationships requires cultural competence as well as the ability to create and sustain dialogue across diverse populations. In this course, you will develop a strategy to engage with your local community to implement a specific health initiative and anticipate and plan to overcome barriers to successful implementation. You will engage in various kinds of literacy that can help you educate your community and respond to the populations in your community disproportionately impacted by public health concerns. Combined with building skills to effectively interact with people from different cultures, your studies will lead you to develop the skills needed to educate and address community public health concerns.

It is recommended to only take this course if you have completed “Public Health and COVID-19,” “Public Health Foundations,” and “Assessing Community Health,” or have equivalent experience.

COVID-19 is one of the most serious public health crises the world has ever faced but one for which scientists had been warning us to prepare. Just as past public health crises have informed how we respond to COVID-19, we can look to lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic response to prepare for future public health emergencies. In this course, you will take a tour of public health history. You will then examine a series of case studies from public health history, including COVID-19, and apply the skills gained through those experiences. Finally, you will determine how to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for the next public health emergency.

It is recommended to only take this course if you have completed “Public Health and COVID-19,” “Public Health Foundations,” “Assessing Community Health,” and “Supporting Public Health Behaviors,” or have equivalent experience.

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