Content Sharing Policy

Last revised April 29, 2016

Guidelines for limited non-commercial sharing of eCornell course assets

Definition of limited:
In order for asset sharing to be limited, those with whom the asset is shared must not copy and re-distribute the asset. Those sharing the asset must have a personal connection with those to whom it is being shared (for example, a teacher who is sharing it with his or her students).

Definition of non-commercial: In order for asset sharing to be non-commercial, the asset must not be shared in exchange for money, services, or materials. Materials are used solely for learning purposes.

Definition of a course asset: Any image, video, quote, or piece of information created by eCornell or any of its affiliates that is unique to the course and is the intellectual property of eCornell.

  1. All of the course assets, as well as user submitted content including but not limited to answers to assignments, quizzes, comments, and discussion forum posts are the intellectual property of eCornell and its affiliates.
  2. Any image, quote, or asset pulled from an eCornell course must be cited in eCornell’s name, as well as with the course name.
  3. Assets must be shared individually and separately. Those with whom the asset is shared must not be given the location of the asset within the course, the rest of the course, or any other information that could be used to replicate the course without taking it directly through eCornell.
  4. To share or distribute assets in any way not listed above, express permission must be granted by eCornell.

Any violations of this policy are violations of US Copyright law.