Kim Nayyer

Before joining Cornell University in May 2019, Kim Nayyer was Associate University Librarian for Law and Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Victoria in Canada. There, her administrative responsibilities included direction of the law library and participation in the administration … more

David A. Pizarro

David Pizarro is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. His primary research interest is in how and why humans make moral judgments, such as what makes us think certain actions are wrong or … more

Chris Meredith

Chris Meredith is a senior portfolio manager and the Director of Research and Portfolio Management at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management (OSAM). He reports to the CEO/CIO and is responsible for managing the investment activities of the firm, which includes supervising the … more

David Artz

David Artz, MD, MBA is an Associate Professor (Courtesy) of Population Health in the Division of Health Informatics at Weill Cornell Medicine and co-founder of Zedimed, where he serves as a strategy consultant to health system and pharmaceutical clients.  His … more

Milton S. F. Curry

Milton S. F. Curry is a Professor of Architecture and Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Engagement at Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP); founding editor of CriticalProductive (a peer-reviewed academic journal focused on culture, arts, … more

Sarah Giroux

Sarah Giroux is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Strategic Programs in CALS and Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University. Dr. Giroux currently teaches GDEV 1105: Global Development Cornerstone and GDEV 2130/5130: … more

Bryan Danforth

Bryan Danforth studies the biology, evolution, natural history, and phylogeny of wild, mostly solitary bees. Dr. Danforth became interested in solitary bees as a graduate student at the University of Kansas studying under Charles D. Michener. Spending summers at the … more

David Peck

David Peck researches honey bee behavior and the evolutionary host-parasite relationship between bees and Varroa mites. Since completing his doctoral work in Cornell’s Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Dr. Peck has done field research and consulted to protect bees in … more

Marina Caillaud

Marina Caillaud became fascinated with insects after taking an entomology course that was part of her undergraduate biological engineering training. This led her to a Master’s in Neurobiology and Behavior focusing on how honey bees processed volatile and pheromonal blends, … more

Young-Hoon Park

Dr. Young-Hoon Park is Sung-Whan Suh Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing at the SC Johnson Graduate School of Management. He is interested in big data marketing, digital marketing, and omnichannel customer analytics. Dr. Park’s research has been published … more