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In this course, you will focus on the effects of plant-based eating throughout a lifetime, including its powerful impact on our day-to-day existence. You will explore the practical application of this lifestyle, including its role in raising a healthy family, enjoying longevity and quality of life, improving athletic performance, and ensuring lasting behavior change.

Much of this application includes dispelling popular myths — that children require dairy, that athletes require supplementation, etc. You will also enhance your understanding of personal behavior and the tools that support positive and sustainable lifestyle change.

In this course, you will examine the China Project, the most comprehensive study of diet, lifestyle, and disease ever conducted. You will take a closer look at diet’s crucial link to chronic diseases worldwide, including cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, neurological conditions, and autoimmune disorders. Lastly, you will investigate the scientific evidence supporting a whole food, plant-based diet’s ability to prevent and even reverse these chronic diseases.

In this course, you will hone your critical thinking skills then apply them to evaluate the state of health in your community and to navigate messages about health and nutrition.

You will also examine evidence-based principles on the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet and consider nutrition from an expanded perspective — that is, nutrition as a “symphony” of complex interactions rather than the result of individual nutrients and mechanisms — as you differentiate between reductionist and “wholistic” perspectives in nutrition.

Additionally, you will analyze how diet and the environment might affect gut health through the modification of the microbiota. You will then examine the effect of industry and government on public policy and individual food choices.

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