Are you a risk taker?

For each statement, choose the word or phrase that best characterizes how you usually behave.

  • Participating in meetings in which new business strategies are being discussed, what thought is most likely going through your head?
  • How would colleagues describe you?
  • Your coworkers would generally see you as someone who ______ new ideas.
  • In meetings I attend, the agenda is usually set by ______.
  • A colleague wants help on a new project, what is your usual reaction?
  • When you think of your future, you ______.
  • When presented with significant life change, you tend to think:
  • I tend to ______ new ventures.
  • A new project comes your way at the office. Your typical reaction?
  • I prefer to feel ______.
  • Risk and change can be ______.

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This tool is based on content found in eCornell’s Executive Leadership certificate.

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