Data-Driven Marketing

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A certificate in Data-Driven Marketing from Cornell University is ideal for working professionals with limited time to pursue an advanced degree, but a strong desire to move ahead. The MBA-level content in this program provides a foundation for harnessing the power of data to improve service, sales, market share, and margins.

The Data-Driven Marketing certificate puts you on track to:

  • Applying statistical methods to measure and predict consumer preferences, and to segment and target customers in a meaningful way
  • Developing perceptual maps to position your products based on customer perceptions
  • Using the customer lifetime value (CLV) model to plan strategic customer acquisition and management
  • Using the market response model to predict demand and develop the right marketing mix

Who Should Enroll?

This certificate is designed for marketing managers, as well as for professionals who regularly interact with large amounts of customer or product data, such as those working in product engineering or customer service strategy. Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel is required.

Enroll now in Cornell University’s certificate series from the Johnson Graduate School of Management to develop your edge with the latest data-driven marketing strategies.