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Data Privacy Certificate Programs

Interested in expanding your knowledge of data privacy and management?

The amount of data and the different types of data organizations can collect is increasing by the minute. How you choose to store, secure, organize, and leverage the data for decision making has serious implications for your organization’s success and the loyalty of your customers. Stay abreast of the latest best practices with these certificates to ensure your organization is aligned with today’s ethical and security standards. Additionally, learn from Cornell experts about evolving data privacy and management trends so you are prepared for future regulations and opportunities.

  • Individual Ethics
  • Ethics and the Data Lifecycle
  • Integrating Virtue Ethics Into Data Science Practice
  • Creating an Ethical Data Science Practice and Workplace
  • Data Privacy in Marketing
  • Defensive Data Strategies
  • Data Protection Solutions
  • Emerging Data Privacy Challenges
  • Leadership Symposium
  • Marketing Symposium
    • Privacy Structure and Risk Assessment
    • Privacy Incidents
    • Examining Cybersecurity Governance
    • Business and Cybersecurity in Practice
    • Developing a Cybersecurity Culture
    • Systems Security
    • Authenticating Machines
    • Authenticating Humans
    • Discretionary Access Control
    • Mandatory Access Control
    • Enforcement Mechanisms and Strategies
    • Analyzing Cybersecurity Threats
    • Assessing Cybersecurity Company Controls
    • Conducting Cybersecurity Risk Analysis and Planning
    • Preparing a Cybersecurity Communications Strategy

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