Driving internal social media strategy is a great way for HR to demonstrate value with executive leadership, and exert influence in the company across multiple functions such as marketing, sales, and communications. According to the SHRM 2012 Social Media Survey, 40% of organizations have a formal social media policy, and out of that 44% rely on HR to drive and enforce that policy.

This course explores current and anticipated trends in social media. With the help of several examples and expert advice, you will create a series of "frameworks" to assist you in thinking through the best approach towards developing solid and well thought-through social media policies.

In this course, you will explore how to effectively attract and retain talent by creating a powerful employment brand that resonates with different parts of the workforce, and theory on effective selection of employees based on concepts of job and organizational fit. Through the business school approach of case studies you will apply the theories and uses of social media tools to your own organization. Explore how social media is shaping up to continue to be valuable to the HR professional, and apply this knowledge to your recruiting and retention activities today.
This course is designed to expose you, the HR professional, to current practices and future trends in remote work and key "success factors" for remote work programs that you will be able to apply in your own organizations. Assess alignment of remote work with business goals, determine the best fit for your own organization and ensure measurable results. During the course, you will examine changes in leadership and technology to ensure a successful transition to virtual work environment.

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