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AI Certificate Programs

In every industry, AI is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, compete and thrive. Cornell offers several online certificate programs developed by expert faculty to provide you with the opportunity to learn today’s leading-edge practices for leveraging AI and Generative AI in your work. Whether you’re a business leader, marketer or software developer, choose a program that meets your needs and equip yourself with innovative solutions and data-driven strategies for success in today’s fast-moving AI era.

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) have enabled machines to develop new forms of cognition — classifying, manipulating, and generating linguistic and visual artifacts. The underlying technologies have the potential to go further and automate tasks commonly associated with the highest levels of human intelligence. Organizations and individuals that can harness the potential of these technologies will gain a huge advantage, while those that don’t risk becoming obsolete.

In this live online program, Professor Karan Girotra will drive you to critically evaluate the most effective ways to adopt AI technologies. You’ll have the opportunity to explore how advances in AI have enabled new, automated, highly scalable, low-cost ways of doing cognitive work. Like other general-purpose technologies, AI has the potential to radically increase individual productivity, transform organizational processes, and enable new business models.

On the flip side, you’ll evaluate how AI can also empower unscrupulous actors, open new ethical and legal concerns, and present complex challenges to ill-equipped policy makers.

This certificate program prepares organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and individual contributors to best leverage AI and transform themselves, their organizations, and entire industries.


  • AI: Where We Stand Today & What’s Next?
  • Managing and Operating Productivity
  • AI Strategy: New Business Models and Strategic Threats
  • AI Ethics and Safety
  • Getting Started With AI Ventures

AI is everywhere, and it’s revolutionizing the business world. Now, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this change.

With the explosion of generative AI applications, organizations now have access to many different tools to build products and services driven by AI. From generative AI to language models and deep neural networks, this certificate program will give you all the tools you need to build AI-based solutions. Join us on a fun journey where you will explore engaging AI case studies from a variety of industries, including healthcare, media and finance. As you discover the power of AI innovation in the real world, the courses provide a hands-on deep dive into prompt engineering and machine learning applications, as well as data handling, ethics and compliance. In addition to experiencing interesting AI use cases from daily life, you’ll also have the opportunity to put AI into action by prototyping, developing and fine-tuning models for your own AI-driven products, harnessing some of the most transformative technologies available today.

By the end of the program, you’ll develop a strong foundation in traditional AI, neural networks, and generative AI, preparing you to capitalize on new opportunities AI presents and lead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

No coding or technical experience is necessary to successfully complete the program; you will have copilots such as Chat GPT and other AI tools (including an AI-cloned professor!) to assist you with the coursework.


  • Creating Business Value with AI
  • Exploring Good Old-Fashioned AI (GOFAI)
  • Leveraging Data for AI Solutions
  • Expanding AI Power and Value Through Neural Networks
  • Innovating with Generative AI

    Rapid advances in digital technologies have presented business leaders with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reinvent their strategies by rethinking processes, building new digital-first products, identifying new business models enabled by technology, and embracing a digital builder culture. At the same time, there are various risks and pitfalls, so leaders must take a strategic approach as they adopt and implement these technologies in order to keep their competitive advantage and thrive in the marketplace.

    In this certificate program, you will discover how to harness rapid advances in digital technology to innovate and enhance your business. You will consider common pitfalls and examine strategies to reduce risk. To build on these skills, you will assess business model innovation opportunities to better support your teams as you create a thoughtful innovation culture for your organization. Finally, you will explore best practices to help you build a data-driven approach for your business, reporting on the key metrics that will help your teams communicate with stakeholders and evaluating the impact of new policies and initiatives. By the end of this program, you will have developed the necessary digital literacy and strategic foundations to help your business thrive in the 21st century.


    • AI and Digital Technology: Opportunities and Pitfalls
    • Demystifying AI and Digital Technologies
    • AI and the Future of Work
    • Identifying New Business Models Enabled by AI
    • Creating a Digital Builder Culture
    • Data-Driven Leadership

    As digital transformation reshapes every industry and function, marketers everywhere are racing to implement performance-driven marketing strategies that leverage today’s most powerful digital technologies. Artificial intelligence is expected to have up to a $2.6 trillion business impact in sales and marketing alone. Will traditional, tried-and-true marketing methods be folded into this new era of performance marketing and AI, or will they become a thing of the past? Is your organization keeping up with the latest and greatest technology? Are you missing any potential areas for improvement?

    In this certificate program, you will discover practical, innovative ways to apply machine learning and AI to the marketing function in order to enhance the customer journey, achieve data-driven decision making, and ultimately impact the success of your marketing initiatives.

    You will start by assessing your organization’s current marketing activities and create a plan to optimize them using the key concepts from AI and digital marketing to formulate a digital strategy. You will then be guided in creating your own digital marketing plans for both paid and owned media. In the final course, you’ll have the opportunity to create a performance marketing plan and identify ways to supercharge it using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Upon completing the program, you will have developed the skills and frameworks needed to gain an edge in digital marketing with artificial intelligence tools and battle-tested strategies that can stand the test of time in this rapidly changing landscape.


    • Digital Transformation in Marketing
    • Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
    • Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
    • Marketing Automation and AI
    • Marketing Symposium

    In this era of technological integration in business, engaging with advanced technologies can be a requirement for sustainable success. In particular, understanding the many dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI) gives organizations a strategic advantage that can lead to greater success.

    Through the AI Strategy certificate program, you will explore how AI will impact the future of organizations, industries, and society at large. You’ll begin with a foundational course that introduces AI as well as some of the origins, trends, applications, benefits, and risks associated with this technology. You will then investigate how to apply knowledge-based AI technologies to anything from standard tasks to systemic processes that are relevant across industries. You will also explore ways to apply machine learning through connectionist-based approaches and assess design strategies to implement AI systems across an organization. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to examine the societal implications of AI in areas such as labor, privacy, ethics, morality, and regulation,exploring the development of strategies that preserve human dignity and agency while embracing the benefits of the technology. By the end of this program, you’ll have gained a broad understanding of AI and will be able to envision its implications on your organization for years to come.


    • Introduction to AI
    • Knowledge-Based AI Technologies
    • Machine Learning and Data-Based Approaches to AI
    • Strategic Implementation of AI Systems
    • Societal Impacts of AI
    • The Future of AI

    With the rise and acceleration of AI, machine learning (ML) has become an increasingly critical tool for the development of computer systems with the ability to learn and discover patterns in data. Gaining a foundation in the concepts and practices of ML can set you up to understand new advancements and grow your career in this field.

    In this certificate program, you will gain the skills that will enable you to build ML solutions in real-world conditions through an ethical and inclusive lens. You will discover the machine learning lifecycle, explore common machine learning packages, and work with industry-relevant tools to analyze large data sets. By the end of the program, you will have hands-on practice and experience building machine learning workflows and optimizing ML models from scratch to solve problems or achieve goals.


    • Machine Learning Foundations
    • Managing Data in Machine Learning
    • Training Common Machine Learning Models
    • Training Linear Models
    • Evaluating and Improving Your Model
    • Improving Performance With Ensemble Methods
    • Using Machine Learning for Text Analysis

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